Congratulations, you are having or have a baby; Infants, Toddlers and Beyond care as much about your baby and you do! We understand that becoming a parent changes your life forever, and we are here to celebrate your exciting world of parenthood. That is why we offer a wide-range of infant and toddler products, from nappies, changing and feeding supplies, to clothing, décor, baby accessories and accessories for mom and dad, potty and more. In fact, Infants, Toddlers and Beyond has everything you need for every step of the journey, from pregnancy to infant and toddler years to your afterbirth needs. We work diligently to shape a better world for babies and parents offering products that Love you back!

Infants, Toddlers and Beyond built its brand on three essential values: Safety, Quality and Trust! You and your little one(s) are our Number One priority and we welcome you to a shopping experience that is designed for a piece of mind. Therefore, if you are not sure what you need as a parent or a parent-to-be to equip yourself perfectly, our trained service staff will be happy to help you. Together we will find the perfect baby items for your needs; our supportive representatives are committed to cheering you on for the parenting long haul, and we would be tickled pink (or blue) to join your crew when you are prepping your nursery, powering through those first few weeks, and experiencing the thrill of your baby’s first steps.

Infants, Toddler and Beyond offers the products you need at great prices, an assortment of products for newborns, infants, and toddlers, and an assortment of afterbirth accessories. Whether we are talking stroller smarts, style inspiration or registry tips, we always strive to simplify things and give you honest feedback, so you can embrace parenting confidently and shop worry-free. In addition, while we take our commitment to you and your family seriously, we promise to keep it fun. The bottom line, once you have the products, solutions and the support you need, you have pretty much have things under control; in other words, you got this! (Moreover, Infants, Toddlers and Beyond got you.)

Infants, Toddlers and Beyond is an online pioneer in the infant and toddler product sector and we specialize in afterbirth accessories as well; we were founded by parents for parent! Today, we offer more than 20,000 selected products, sold in more than 80 countries, and we have not changed the goal that Infants, Toddlers and Beyond has pursued since we were founded - “Making a better world for children and parents.” We take on this responsibility with pride and invest all of our passion and energy in this endeavor; you will always find the widest range of high-quality products. From birth to the 6th year of age, Infants, Toddlers and Beyond always has the right choices for you and your child!


Infants, Toddlers and Beyond is a world-LEADING AUTHORITY with unrivalled EXPERTISE in the children’s clothing and accessories industry.

Infants, Toddlers and Beyond celebrates DIVERSITY and INDIVIDUALITY! We are for All Ages, All Races, and All Genders.

Infants, Toddlers and Beyond is a proud COMMUNITY of PROFESSIONAL designers working together to bring VISION to YOUR life.

Infants, Toddlers and Beyond is at the FOREFRONT of TRENDSETTING, collaborating with leading talents from fashion, art and popular culture.

Infants, Toddlers and Beyond believes in SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, with initiatives such as MYSTERY at the heart and soul of our UNIQUE culture.


Infants, Toddlers and Beyond is committed to developing new categories, products and various collections throughout the year, all of which continue to serve the demand of consumers and the community. For more than a century, we have devoted our energy and our competencies solely to one business: Children. We have chosen to offer our expertise in the service of parents worldwide, meeting the infinite diversity of their desires. We are committed to fulfilling this mission ethically and responsibly.

AMBITION: Our ambition for the coming years is to win over a billion consumers around the world by creating the products that meet the infinite diversity of their needs and desires.

MISSION: For many centuries, we have devoted our energy and our competencies solely to one business: Children. It is a business rich in meaning, as it enables all individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence and open up to others.

VALUES: Our values are our genetic code: Passion, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Open-Mindedness, Quest for Excellence, and Responsibility. They continue to this day to express themselves in the daily actions of all our teams across the globe.

ETHICS: Our ethical principles are Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency; they shape our culture, underpin our reputation, and are well known and committed to by all Infants, Toddlers and Beyond employees.

Infants, Toddlers and Beyond offers a wide range of products that blend street-savvy with glamorous style and panache; adding to the image is a touch of outrageousness. The Infants, Toddlers and Beyond approach is notably different; rather than driving sales through traditional promotional techniques, Infants, Toddlers and Beyond relies on the integrity of its carefully formulated product line. A company that honors individuality and self-expression above all else, Infants, Toddlers and Beyond brings a brilliant sense of drag and theatre into sleek Infants, Toddlers and Beyond stores and department store counters.